Wednesday, April 30, 2008

APPEAL - Ms. Soha Ali Khan arms licence reply of the Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon regarding.

Respected Chief Information Commissioner, Haryana,Kindly refer to my request to the Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon & their uncomplete reply , after the said reply i made further request to the DC, Gurgaon which is reproduced here "- Kindly refer to the said FIR along with the reply of the Deputy Commissioner, Gurgaon under Right to Information Act, 2005 vide letter No. 58/st dated 26-2-2008 about the details of Arms licence No. 1/DM/G/November/1996 issued on 5-11-1996.It is further stated that I have gone through the materials/ information supplied by your office un-attested, hence It is requested to supply me the attested copies with page marking information may kindly be given with clarification on these points:-1. I here by confirmed that NPB Rifle No. 91501 of .22 bore taken by the Jhajjar Police in FIR No. 191 dated 5-6-2005 - photocopy of fard makboojgi enclosed herewith for ready reference.2. The said arms lcience was issued on 5-11-1996 where as the date of birth of Ms. Soha Ali Khan is 4-10-1978 & she might be applied for arms lcience as minor.3. When a crime was committed with the said rifle before then how it was renewed up to 4-11-2008 on 24-10-2005, facts concealed by the Ms. Soha Ali Khan while giving application for renewal on dated 7-9-2005 & the same facts was concealed by the Police in their reports along with the witnesses & this is the offence under the law of the land.4. Ms. Soha Ali Khan sold her gun & the same was deleted from the licence then how purchase period allowed up to 10-3-2006 & it seems un-signed in the supplied information?. It would be pertinent to mention here that as per DM order dated 7-1-2000 Sh. M.M.A Khan was appointed as Retainer & the gun was sold on 2-4-2003 vide DM order No. 4655 dated 10/3 then how Nawab Pataudi was carrying the said Rifle No.91501which belongs to Soha Ali Khan & there was no DM order as retainer after 2000 in favour of Nawab Pataudi - it means illegal possession of other arms & mishandling of the arms & negligence by the said licence holder Soha Ali Khan ?5. The Jhajjar Police recovered the arms licence of Nawab Pataudi No. 113 /BPL/ 70 dated 3-11-70 , valid up to 31-12-2007 but no arms recovered belongs to Nawab Pataudi, this licence might be issued & renewed after 31-12-2007 by the District Administration, how ?Keeping in view the facts mentioned above it is humbly requested you to please give me the information about the action taken against the offenders as per law of the land as per past practice in the school children's killing case"but after expiry of the time limit, till date the DC, Gurgaon failed to give information under RTI Act, 2005 where as the Supdt. of Police, Jhajjar replied in time on my application dated March 3rd, 2008 ->> there was no way or remady left at my level to get information only to approach your good self - Chief Information Commissioner for the state of Haryana, hence It is humbly submitted to you for further n/action in this matter as per the provisions of the RTI Act, 2008,regards,
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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Case against Soha dismissed

Chandigarh, April 1
Social activist Naresh Kadian’s petition for action against film actress Soha Ali Khan, a daughter of Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, was dismissed by Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma on Tuesday.

The petitioner had also sought action against those responsible for the issuance of a gun licence to her. TNS